Port of Ostend

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Ostend, West Vlaanderen, Belgium)

The only passenger crossing leaving Ostend is run by Transeuropa Ferries. The company operates a route to Ramsgate in England.

Ferryways operates two routes from Ostend, one to Ipswich and one to Killingholme. These, however, are freight vessels only.

Ostend to Ramsgate

Travelling by ferry is one of the most practical means of getting to England. Vacationers make use of the regular sailings during the summer to reach Ramsgate from Ostend in Belgium, by car. Transeuropa Ferries runs six vessels, crossing up to 20 times per day between Ostend and Ramsgate. Passengers are carried on up to eight daily crossings.

The duration of the voyage is approximately four hours. Passenger and freight ships serving the route include the Eurovoyager, the Oleander and the Larkspur. The other three ships the company operates only transport cargo. Ramsgate is situated in East Kent on the Isle of Thanet. The town of Ramsgate served as a principal port during the Dunkirk evacuation. More than 4,000 ships left Ramsgate with a mission to rescue soldiers from the beaches in Dunkirk.

Ostend Port

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